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The Electronic Library of Medicine








ELM a program by EHS (Electronic Health Solutions), which is a Non-Profit innovative, technology-driven company aiming to transform the concepts and practices of health and medical care in Jordan

Launched in 2013, The Electronic Library of Medicine - Jordan "ELM" is the first national platform of its kind to provide FREE online medical resources. The ELM portal features a vast number of paid and open access e-Journals, clinical decision support tools and links to top medical websites, as well as other medical resources, which require costly annual subscriptions and are provided to the ELM portal users for free. With the aim is to spread the medical/ health education all across Jordan and bridge the gap between urban and rural areas

Additional resources will be added on a continuous basis to eventually establish a comprehensive online medical library, which will help elevate healthcare quality and enrich medical research by providing healthcare professionals all over the Kingdom with access to evidence-based medical information.




To become the central online hub for health information across Jordan.


Mission Statement

To improve the quality of healthcare in Jordan by providing healthcare professionals with access to medical information that can be used to make accurate clinical decisions based on evidence-based medicine and best practice guidelines.


ELM National Committee