About Us

The Electronic Library of Medicine

The Electronic Library of Medicine - Jordan (ELM) is a national electronic medical library that aims to provide Healthcare workers and medical students in Jordan with an electronic up to date, evidence- based, and free medical information; with the aim of improving patient care all over the country, which- among other tools- will help to bridge the gap between urban and rural parts of Jordan, and decrease the cost of healthcare with the use of cost- effective strategies.

ELM Portal includes a vast number of electronic medical E-Books, E-Journals and other medical resources which require high yearly subscriptions and are provided to ELM Portal users for free. Additional resources will be added on continuous basis to eventually establish a comprehensive library portal which will in part help to elevate health care quality and enrich medical research.

ELM Goals

  • Establish evidence based medicine as a modus operandi in Jordan.
  • Enrich medical research in Jordan by introducing the latest medical data through subscriptions with world class Journals.
  • Easy online access across the country to up to date credible medical information for healthcare providers like Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist and Allied Medical staff who would otherwise not be able to access this information outside Amman.
  • Expediting the flow of knowledge which facilitates the transfer of knowledge to trainees and increases the level of training.

ELM National Committee

A Committee selected from Governmental and Non-Governmental institutions was formed to provide EHS with needed consultation and directional feedback on all issues related to constructing and sustaining ELM. The Committee consists of members from:

  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Information and Communications Technology
  • Jordanian Royal Medical Services
  • King Hussein Cancer Center
  • Private Hospitals Association
  • Center of Excellence

ELM an initiative of EHS (Electronic Health Solutions), which is a Non-Profit innovative, technology-driven company aiming to transform the concepts and practices of health and medical care in Jordan