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Electronic Library of Medicine - Jordan

ELM Committee

ELM Committee members are responsible for a list of roles to perform:

  • Supervise the creation and development of a website for the library and add new-era technologies in the field of library science and health information, in addition to any other activities related to the website.
  • Provide medical information recourses electronically to doctors, researchers, workers, and students in the medical professions, and to all those wishing to obtain it inside and outside the Kingdom, if possible.
  • Facilitate access to comprehensive and updated medical information recourses of high quality that helps medical staff in their daily decisions.
  • Cooperate and coordinate with any other official entities or bodies specialized in the health, academic, and/or scientific fields.
  • Provide and support global and local scientific research content.
  • Train and perform practical awareness for the beneficiaries of the services provided by the library through publications, workshops, and any other means.
  • Provide recommendations to subject matter experts in ELM to purchase licenses for making recourses available with the appropriate electronic medical references in the library in line with the applicable regulations and instructions of Electronic Health Solutions.
  • Recommend to the subject matter experts in ELM to end the subscriptions to the electronic medical references available in the library, which the committee deems not needed.
  • Suggest any ideas that contribute to the development of the library.
  • Provide advice and recommendations regarding the entire library's affairs in order to help those in charge of managing ELM make decisions that contribute to supporting and developing the library.
  • Bringing grants, aid, and donations to support the library and ensure its continuity.
  • Expand outside Jordan through partnerships or legal business frameworks.
  • Ensure that there is no kind of repetition in purchasing different databases.